When you take things for granted, the things you’re granted are taken.

I had a very interesting conversation with a young man earlier this week. He insisted he hated his life…his ethnic background…his sexual orientation….his looks…he felt like nothing in his life had gone right. His rant was out of nowhere and sounded a bit exaggerated, but granted we have all had our “deep thinking” moments.

My first reaction was to feel bad for him, but as he went on I began to get a little frustrated….

What are you really upset about? It must be something deeper because nothing you’re stating is considered to be a ‘real’ problem…

Who am I to judge your problems? You’re right, but if you really listen to what I say I guarantee you’ll feel better about yourself. Given, you will still look the same, but you’ll feel differently.

Oh, so you can hear me talking? Well good you’re not deaf….

You can see my lips moving as well? Then great you’re not blind either.

Your legs…do they work too? Well that’s even better!

Oh, and let’s not forget the most important thing…your health…how is that coming along? Oh, just fine and dandy…. glad to hear it!

So, you say you don’t care if you remain on this earth any longer, correct? Well I guarantee if you were given a six-month death sentence you’d feel a bit differently.

I could use the kids in Africa, living in poverty, starving to death or dying of disease, as an example, but let’s bring it home a bit more…something more relatable than a 3rd world country that most of us will never experience…even on “vacation”.

Picture that little eight year old boy in St. Jude’s Medical Hospital. The one who has been fighting for his life every single day since he was five, enduring more physical and emotional pain than you probably ever will. He’s praying for one normal day…hell…he will take one of your “bad days”. The days when your hair just won’t go right or you spill coffee on your shirt. The days you’re already running late for work when you miss the train or your umbrella breaks in the middle of a rain storm. The kind of days that you let get ruined over nothing. Yup, he wishes for one of those…

This post isn’t meant to single out the young man I was talking to, we are ALL guilty of this, myself included.

It’s easy to feel sorry for ourselves, to list out everything we feel isn’t going right, to beat ourselves up for the mistakes we’ve made, the missed opportunities, the way we think we should look, whatever else you can think of, but the fact is…. on life’s scale -which is the real measure of quality -we’ve got it pretty good!

We all need to understand how petty we sound 99% of the time…

We all need to be reminded of how blessed we are each and every day for all the amazing things around us…not the material things…but the things with REAL value…our health, our family, our friends….

Because those are the things we will miss the most and can never get back.

Take this Monday to really just be aware of everything you have been truly blessed with! Send a text, a phone call or just smile at a stranger -whatever it takes…spread the love and be thankful!

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