So I’m going to make this blog post quick, sweet and to the point, because it’s pretty self-explanatory, but we often need these reminders in life. Here are my thoughts on giving and taking advice.

You don’t see your life heading in the direction you’d like and decide it’s time to make a change. On record, we as humans, are competitors and communicators, we are always interested in what other people are doing. With the internet being what it is these days, it’s easy to jump online and tunnel into a world of comparison. Once we see someone who “looks” like they have it all, the next step is obviously to ask “how did you do it?” So what’s the issue with this?

Listen, I’m all for giving advice when people ask for it, but I’m more about guiding people to come to their own conclusions and seeing what works for them (especially if I’m not an expert on the topic). We always seem to want to find a quicker way to get where we want to go and usually this involves people telling us what we should do, which is honestly just human nature. Unfortunately, most of the time we’re listening to people who haven’t been or are currently not where we want to be!
If they ARE where you want to be. Sure, ask them, see how they did it and see if it works for you. If it does great and if it doesn’t, find another way, but stop looking to and asking the WRONG people for advice, when they could honestly use some themselves.

If she’s always broke, she probably shouldn’t be telling you how to save money.

If she’s insecure, she probably shouldn’t be telling you how to be confident.

If she’s single, she probably shouldn’t be telling you how to get and keep a man.

If she’s corporate, she probably shouldn’t be telling you how to become an entrepreneur.

If she doesn’t have kids, she probably shouldn’t be telling you how to raise yours.

If she doesn’t have a goldfish, she probably shouldn’t be telling you how to keep one alive!

Get it!

This means unless you have a best friend that is a rich, successful, entrepreneurial, confident woman, who is also happily married with two amazing, well-behaved kids and has a pet goldfish (which means she’s a unicorn and you should keep her as a friend forever), well then you’re going to have to go to different people regarding different areas of your life.

Sara might have an amazing marriage, but doesn’t have a lot of money – talk to her about marriage. Joanna might be really good at makeup, but has been single for three years – talk to her about makeup. You get what I’m saying?
As easy it is to pick up the phone and ask your bestie about everything or dissect another blogger’s posts, don’t take their advice unless they’ve already got what you want! With the internet booming and people being able to “fake it till you make it” it’s easy to be deceived that it looks like someone has everything, but RELAX because they don’t. Take a step back, figure out exactly what advice you’re looking for and if the person supplying it is “qualified” in that area.

Do your research on who WOULD be the best mentor on getting your desired results! Once you’re receiving appropriate advice from the right person, watch your life change. Done & done!

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